Pediatric Registered Nurse

General Information

Job Type:
Lebanon - Bekaa
Date Posted:
Dec 27, 2016
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Job Summary:
To help families deal with child’s illness or injury, offer information on nutrition, diet, and good health habits, document symptoms and medical history, administer medication and observe their reaction, and perform various procedures including but not limited to insertion of IV.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Maintain key data and records of the pediatric unit.
• Interpret findings of assessment data in order to determine patient’s health needs and to develop nursing care plan.
• Receive, transfer and discharge patients.
• Collect patient’s health data by obtaining and recording basic assessment, vital signs, and progress notes…
• Document effectiveness of interventions, check medical orders and investigations.
• Provide and document nursing care to patients (nasogastric feeding, parenteral nutrition, administering oxygen, guidelines for patient admission, data base, and nursing care plan…).
• Assist in preparing child meals and feeding/drinking as necessary.
• Assist children in maintaining their personal hygiene and dressing needs.
• Understand the different communication needs for each age group and change communication methods accordingly.
• Educate mother, child, family regarding child’s care, planned diagnosis, procedures, medication, routine immunization, post-discharge care…
• Provide information and support to families regarding disease process and treatment plan.
• Prepare, administer, and observe reactions of medication, blood and blood components, antibiotics, narcotics…
• Dispense medication and supplies, receive the medication, and arrange them in the special boxes to each patient.
• Measure and record accurately body fluid/waste balance, dietary fluid intake, and blood glucose level.
• Assist and perform various procedures including insertion of IV, administration of blood and blood components, administration of pediatric drugs…

• Bachelor degree in nursing
• Minimum 1 year of experience in Pediatric nursing
• Member of the Order of Nurses
• Good supervisory capabilities and organizational skills
• Ability to communicate well with all sections
• Ability to plan and prioritize the work load
• Ability to work under pressure
• Good computer skills
• Good Arabic and English speaking skills. French is a plus.

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