Junior PHP & Web developer

General Information

Job Type:
Information Technology
Date Posted:
Mar 24, 2021
400 $/month - 700 $/month
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee



Scandiweb is a Latvian startup run by guys and girls from all around the world accepting big challenges and finding beautiful solutions for brands like Jaguar, New York Times, Ford, Nestle, Walmart, and Lancome. We've made sure that Fortune 500 companies know that Latvia is the best place for digital solutions, and we've had a great deal of fun doing it!

Millions of people use our solutions every day - when they buy a new car, a wedding ring, funny socks or even condoms! Yeah, we made sites for HappySocks and Durex too!

What's next? We will make sure that Scandiweb is the best place that people choose for eCommerce solutions. We want that whenever you tell them that you work in Scandiweb, they know it and are familiar with it!

We welcome Junior PHP Developers, who are expected to:
- learn from their Mentor - each Junior gets one
- get involved and do as much as they can - quantity will become quality
- accept the challenge - the best way to learn is by pushing yourself and finding the solution, which at first seemed out of reach!!
- accept our help, there are no lonely wolves - all of our results are the fruits of teamwork and helping each other

What does it take to become a Junior PHP Developer?
- Apply to the job
- Fill out the necessary details and we will get back to you very soon with the next steps
- Wonder what those are? Usually a phone call, test assignment and a technical interview

From our experience, you can easily complete the test, if you understand OOP and have from a few months to a few years of relevant experience. And don't worry - if the first submission is not fully great, we will provide you with actionable feedback and you can give it another shot!

What is it like to be a Junior PHP Developer?
- you are a part of a small team working on a project together
- you get real-world tasks, build, test and ship to Live
- your teammates help you choose the best tech solution
- you will get help and code review to make sure your results are great and you are learning
- you start with the most progressive tech stack OOP frameworks, Docker, GraphQL, React, Vue and so much more!

- Active and interesting Online Office - games, gatherings, discussions, activities…
- Crowdbonus - every month colleagues reward each other
- Optional flexible working hours
- Professional certification
- Language course coverage
- Commitment to your professional growth - we'll provide you with necessary courses, learning materials and mentorship to support your growth
- You will work on interesting, complex and innovative projects with senior colleagues to help you adapt fast
- and more! You will find it out when you join the interview!

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