Assistant Project Manager

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Date Posted:
Jan 24, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee



The Assistant Project Manager will support the Project Manager in attending to day-to-day management of engineering and construction projects covering safety, quality, schedule, cost control, contracts, Subcontractors, Suppliers, procurement, proposals, estimates, documentation turnover, client relations/management, field staff and other duties required to execute projects.

- Negotiate and execute contracts, subcontracts, and change orders
- Review and Implement multiple project specifications, drawing releases and design changes
- Oversee Safety & Health performance of project team members and Subcontractors
- Conduct internal and external project risk reviews and communicate project status, risks, schedule and costs to all stakeholders.
- Develop and review internal and external reports including: project budgeting, project cash flow forecast, and project status reports.
- Develop and implement the Project Execution Plan, Quality Assurance Plan, Safety & Health Plan, Subcontracting Plan, Project Staffing Plan, Organization Chart, and Procurement Plan
- Prepare detailed scope of work documents for Supplier and Subcontract contracts including recruiting, prequalifying and engaging in selecting Subcontractors and Suppliers
- Attend to site mobilization and demobilization activities.
- Develop and establish project documentation and filing systems
- Secure applicable project permits
- Participate in project safety, quality, progress and financial audits and assessments as required
- Attend to relevant change management process and claims mitigation.
- Attend to project turnover documentation, recordkeeping/retention, warranty administration and project closeout.
- Prepare and present reports covering project progress in terms of cost, time, slack, slippage, etc.

- Significant previous experience in a similar role
- Experience in Project Planning (Knowledge in Primavera is preferred)
- Degree in an Engineering Field
- Ability to coordinate multidisciplinary processes
- Experience in managing teams, with the ability to steer them in new directions, motivate and inspire
- Ability to devise solutions to project hurdles while minimizing costs
- Excellent Communication Skills
- Excellent Organization Skills
- Excellent Time Management Skills
- Excellent Leadership Skills
- Fluency in Arabic and English is a must

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