Cashier- Faraya, Jounieh & Rayfoun Branches

General Information

Malak Al Tawouk
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Sep 17, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Greet customers when they arrive, offer them a menu, provide them with information on the food and beverages on the menu, and politely ask them if they want to order a meal.

• The POS system is used to accurately record orders after taking them. Checks details and continues to welcome customers.

• Provides customers with information related to the price of the order and the time required for delivery or finalization.

• Dealing with customers professionally, and conducts additional sales such as fries, drinks and others.

• Provides effective support and guidance to customers by informing them of the necessary time and place of receipt of their request from the kitchen staff.

• Receives cash from customers, accurately prepares it, identifies counterfeit money, manages credit card transactions, and collects signed receipts.

• Handles customer complaints by listening attentively to them, providing clear answers and solutions.

• Ensures that there is a sufficient amount of money in the drawer and that he can meet all the requirements of the exchange during his shift.

• Calculates the cash in the drawer when the shift is over.

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