Customer Service Agent

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Apr 11, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Scope

The Customer Service Agent is responsible to process daily activities including CRM & ABC application, credit cards, market research, gift card, events and promotions, digital media and CSR.

Promote exceptional service and build relationships with key and loyal customers.

Key Activities and Responsibilities


• Maintain a strong floor presence through promoting customer service excellence and attending to customers’ needs
• Handle accurately the operations process of the LCD screens, digital wayfinding and all info desks
• Handle efficiently the customers’ complaints and escalate to the Senior CS Agent, when needed
• Cater to all customers’ requests and ensure constant follow up for successful results
• Explain the Tax Refund process and assist the foreign customers while filling the needed forms
• Implement efficiently the Lost and Found policy and procedure
• Provide proper implementation of the “POS Opening and Closing procedure” for optimal accuracy in bank slips and cash reports

CRM and Loyalty Program

• Assist the customers in opening, monitoring and closing the wedding and birth lists account and ensure accurate
data compilation
• Ensure the accurate processing of the loyalty cards issuance
• Promote the ABC loyalty program and provide full explanation on the application benefits and conditions (Upgrade/downgrade, Points accumulation and expiry date, Qualifying and redeemable points, List all partners
and Mobile application (app usage & download))
• Assist the customers with the whole process of the privilege card such as: Upgrade, Redemptions, Replacement,
Merge, Cards’ cancellations, Mobile application, Card balance and Wi-Fi connection
• Monitor the privilege and reward cards’ stock and update on a weekly basis the CRM team

Credit Card

• Explain the benefits, conditions and the credit card process to customers
• Assist customers in filling the credit card application, monitor the enrolment process and proceed with the
issuance request in coordination with the Bank
• Inform the CRM team of any credit card cancellation and follow up on the status

Gift Card

• Issue Gift Cards for customers and follow-up on the exceptional cases such as expired and lost cards
• Manage the stock and share the report on a weekly basis with the Accounting department
• Follow-up on the online transactions and timely card delivery to customers

Events, Promotions and CSR

• Follow up on the marketing surveys’ completion
• Explain and promote the CSR program to customers
• Answer customers’ inquiries in-store and over the phone
• Follow up and monitor the implementation of CSR activities and events
• Assist the Event team during in-store promotions
• Follow up on coupons and delivery of prizes to customers
• Collect and share feedback with the Event team on the following topics and raise recommendations accordingly:
Agency hostesses’ attendance and performance, Event implementation phase and Customer’s feedback
• Retrieve customers’ feedback from all social media platforms and prepare reports accordingly
• Issue and prepare monthly reports such as Birth & Wedding Lists, Tax Free, etc. and share them with the direct

Stakeholders Relationship

• Maintain positive relationships with the Customer Service teams in all flagships and ensure constant follow-up,
update and coordination for alignment and best practices
• Establish solid relationships with different departments such as Marketing, Operations, Retail, IT, and ensure
constant coordination for successful initiatives
• Ensure continuous coordination with the Accounting department regarding the daily discrepancies for optimal


• Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices in the field
• Perform other job-related duties as assigned based on business needs

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