Sales Representative

General Information

Bonjus - Taanayel
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Feb 07, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


1. Secure proper distribution of products by client and per item, demonstrating and maintaining a continuous wide knowledge of products, prices and quality.
2. Handles customer complaints, and exceed customer satisfaction through identifying and resolving client concerns.
3. Follow up orders, returns and control orders.
4. Communicates existing & new product information or marketing activities & trade deals.
5. Communicate company’s values and commitment to products’ quality and standards.
6. Manage & perform physical check up on company’s assets such as: Truck/Van, Palm, Printer, Official documents.
7. Daily Follow up on sales target set per assigned route.
8. Establishes and maintain current client and acquire new ones to expand presence of products and maintain availability at all times.
9. Secure collection of payments as per customer trade agreement or contract.
10. Coordinates and secure daily orders and manage bad returns. No good returns are allowed to take place except on extreme measures and pre-approved by supervisor and area manager.
11. Provides on-the-job training to new sales employees when needed.
12. The duties of a cash van may require performing his duties on Sundays or Holidays, complying with work need and subject to the legal compensation.

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