Junior Project Manager - Resident Engineer - IRAQ

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jul 14, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Junior Project Manager - Resident Engineer
Job Brief
We are actively seeking a dedicated and experienced Junior Project Manager to act as Resident Engineer to join our esteemed construction team in one of our oversees projects. In this pivotal role, you will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities on construction sites, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and to the highest standards.
• Directly oversee construction activities, ensuring compliance with project plans, established timelines, specifications and safety standards.
• Conduct regular inspections and quality control assessments to guarantee that workmanship and materials align with established standards.
• Document findings from quality control inspections, highlighting any discrepancies and proposing corrective actions.
• Act as the primary point of contact between project team, contractors, and various stakeholders, fostering effective communication and collaboration.
• Work closely with architects, engineers, and other project team members to address design modifications, changes, and unforeseen challenges.
• Act as a central point of contact for the design team, facilitating communication between designers, architects, and on-site construction teams.
• Provide regular updates on design modifications and coordinate necessary adjustments.
• Proactively anticipate potential issues, and Implement preventive measures to avoid project disruptions.
• Resolve construction-related issues, conflicts, and disputes, ensuring minimal impact on project timelines.
• Review and approve the schedule of works submitted by contractors. Ensure alignment with project timelines, attend to any discrepancies or concerns.
• Identify potential risks associated with the construction project and develop strategies for risk mitigation.
• Generate regular daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly progress reports outlining completed tasks, milestones achieved, and any deviations from the project schedule.
• Communicate effectively with stakeholders on project status.
• Provide detailed reports on construction-related issues, including the nature of the problem, actions taken, and outcomes.
• Keep a detailed log of all project-related issues, including their nature, resolution status, and any impacts on the project timeline or budget.
• Maintain comprehensive change and risk logs for project evaluation.
• Attend regular meetings with stakeholders, report and address any issues that may hinder progress, recommend corrective actions.
• Manage project documentation, including drawings, specifications, and correspondence, maintaining organized and up-to-date records.
• Maintain records of safety inspections and incidents, producing regular safety reports for internal and external stakeholders.

Qualifications and Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a related field.
• PMP certificate or equivalent is required.
• Master's degree in project management or engineering management is a plus.
• Proficiency in managing MEP systems and finishing aspects of construction.
• Proven track record as a Resident Engineer, with experience in hotels and/or high-rise buildings.
• In-depth knowledge of construction processes, materials, and safety protocols.
• High proficiency in English (spoken and written) is a must.
• Ability to generate detailed and articulate reports in English language.
• Strong communication skills to engage with various stakeholders.
• Ability to adapt to changing project requirements.
• Demonstrated social awareness in working with diverse teams and cultures.
• Exceptional project management skills, including the ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently.
• Familiarity with construction management software and tools.
• Comprehensive understanding of relevant industry regulations and codes.
• Strong problem-solving skills to address unexpected challenges on-site.
• Ability to thrive under pressure and make sound decisions in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
• Detail-oriented with a commitment to delivering high-quality results.

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