Executive French Pastry Chef

General Information

Reputable Pastry & Coffee Boutique
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
May 08, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Our Executive Chef will be a key position in the Organization and a vital position in the brand growth and the success of the operation. Specialized in French Pastry & Viennoiserie on an advanced Modern Level.

Kitchen Management & Development:
• Team building & team management.
• Setting Rules and Regulations to be followed by the team to ensure efficiency and productivity of the team.
• Direct and handle the Pastry and Baking functions of our Central Kitchen.
• Lifting store procedures up to standards including procedures documentation.
• Ensure all Kitchen orders are being prepared on time and as per customers’ request.
• Ensure that all daily items production is consistent in presentation, quality, and taste.
• Assist in creating new ideas and new creative touches to our dessert menu and customized cakes.
• Ensure a proper Mise-en-place is being done.
• Prepare weekly staff schedule.
• Assist in minimizing costs and ensuring quality control on recipes.
• Keep record of inventory items for weekly orders.
• Keep record of daily production for all branches.
• Responsible for costing and inventory.
• Enforce a proper inventory cycle to be done by the team; collaborate closely with cost control team.

• Experience in high-volume, quality-oriented catering.
• Create a menu for SmushKies Catering for Birthdays and small events.
• Develop and plan menus specific for Weddings and engagements.
• Handle Catering of Weddings and Engagements.
• Document and create recipes for the aforementioned menus.

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