Electrical Service Engineer

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Date Posted:
Jun 23, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Attend regular meetings with the Construction team, and the Client to report on progress and help resolve issues where they arise.
• Review staff qualifications and CVs to ensure that they are qualified for the Project at hand.
• Put into place quality assurance procedures to ensure that procedures for review and inspection of installations are maintained throughout the project period.
• Review materials and equipment to ensure that they are in accordance with the specifications.
• Coordinate with the Head of Department and obtain their comments prior to action.
• Review shop drawings to ensure that they are in accordance with the design and that they are coordinated.
• Where applicable, receive feedback from the Client and Inspector and incorporate their comments.
• Inspect deliveries/installed/constructed work to ensure that it is in accordance with the shop drawings and the specifications.
• Monitor Sub-Contractor's submittals to local authorities and ensure that they are carried out in a timely manner in accordance with the contract document.
• Respond to Client’s request for information to clarify ambiguities.
• Review and approve Sub-Contractor's payment in line with estimated work completion so that he can be paid for the actual work done.
• Ensure that issues related to local codes, such as health and safety executives and environmental impact issues are complied with.
• Witness testing and commissioning and performance of various plant and systems. Issue 'Handing Over' certificate for completed works.
• Where required, provide a snag list for outstanding minor work by the sub-contractor.
• Review 'As Built' drawings and 'Operation and Maintenance Manuals'.
• Where required, hold meetings with Operation and Maintenance staff for feedback and outstanding issues not yet completed.

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