Procurement Director

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American University of Technology -HALAT/JBEIL
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jun 12, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


American University of Technology is seeking an experienced and strategic-minded Procurement Director to lead the procurement operations and ensure the efficient acquisition of goods and supplies. The Procurement Director will be responsible for developing procurement strategies, fostering strong vendor relationships, and implementing cost-saving initiatives. He will oversee all procurement activities, ensure compliance with applicable laws and university policies, and provide leadership and direction to department staff.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Develop Procurement Strategies:
• Develop and implement procurement strategies aligned with organizational goals and objectives.
• Identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements in procurement processes.
2. Vendor Relationship Management:
• Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with vendors and suppliers.
• Negotiate favorable terms and conditions with suppliers to achieve cost-effective procurement outcomes.
3. Cost-Effective Acquisition:
• Ensure cost-effective acquisition of goods, materials, supplies, furniture, and equipment.
• Oversee the preparation of purchase orders and requisitions in accordance with organizational needs and budgetary constraints.
4. Compliance and Policy Adherence:
• Ensure that all procurement activities comply with applicable laws, university policies, and relevant procedures.
• Stay updated on changes in procurement regulations and industry best practices.
5. Performance Management:
• Direct and supervise department staff, providing guidance, training, and support as needed.
• Assume responsibilities of department staff in case of prolonged absence to ensure continuity of operations.
6. Cost-Saving Strategies:
• Implement cost-saving strategies and initiatives to optimize procurement processes and reduce expenditure.
• Analyze procurement data and trends to identify opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
7. Budget Management:
• Control expenditure from the budget allocated to the Procurement Department.
• Monitor budget utilization and take corrective actions as needed to ensure financial accountability.
8. Team Leadership and Collaboration:
• Foster an atmosphere of teamwork and professionalism within the procurement department.
• Collaborate with other departments to understand their procurement needs and provide strategic guidance and support.
Additional Duties:
• Develop and maintain a comprehensive vendor database.
• Evaluate vendor performance and implement corrective actions as necessary.
• Conduct periodic reviews of procurement policies and procedures and recommend updates as needed.
• Coordinate with finance and accounting departments to ensure accurate recording and reporting of procurement transactions.
• Oversee the disposal or surplus of obsolete or unused assets in accordance with established procedures.
• Represent the organization in negotiations with key suppliers and stakeholders.
• Provide regular reports and updates to senior management on procurement activities and performance metrics.
Qualifications and Skills:
• Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, or a related field. Master's degree preferred.
• Proven experience in procurement leadership roles, with a strong track record of success.
• In-depth knowledge of procurement processes, regulations, and best practices.
• Excellent leadership, communication, and negotiation skills.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
• Ability to multitask, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
• Proficiency in procurement software and MS Office applications.

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